Message from the Chairman

Md. Sabur Khan

Chairman, Daffodil Family

Established in more than two decades back, Daffodil Family is one of the largest, promising, experienced and reliable ICT conglomerates, software developers and premiere education providers in Bangladesh. By making teamwork a foundation of our culture with its motto “Today, Tomorrow and beyond”, Daffodil Family has bridged creativity, integrity, innovation, dedication, transparency, accountability to strengthen its services and support from grass root level to global arena.
Daffodil is always doing research and working for Human Resource Development to innovate, develop, register and/or launch more innovative products and services, maintaining the highest quality standards and flexibility to ensure clients’ satisfaction. We are committed to establish a happy and prosperous society through retaining regular clients as well as winning new ones and grooming skilled, self-employed manpower, with entrepreneurship and leadership qualities.