Profile of CEO

Dr. Mohammad Nuruzzaman

Group CEO, Daffodil Family
An Investment, Business Development, Strategic Management Specialist

After obtaining his Graduation & Post Graduation from the University of Dhaka and then MBA in Management Information System (MIS) from a leading Private University, Dr. Mohammad Nuruzzaman started his career in the education sector for rendering his contribution to the greater benefit of the human resources. During his glorifying professional career of more than 25 years, he gave his foot step countrywide for education, technological and entrepreneurship development along with human resources. Afterwards he did national branding internationally wherever he visited. He did everything from the commitment of giving back to society. He is now the PhD Scholar at Techno India University.

Dr. Nuruzzaman comes from a respected Muslim Family of Borobari, Kandar Gaon, Meghna, Comilla. He is married and a proud father of an only son Abrar Faiyaz, who has been studying in Concordia University, Canada.

Education development and employment of youths by facilitating entrepreneurial activities is the key two areas of Dr. Nuruzzaman. He has been doing the same both professionally as well as socially. In his professional career, lots of new ventures were established under his initiative and direct supervision. Few of them are – Daffodil Business Incubator, Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd., Enterprise Competitiveness Institute (ECI), DIU Start-up Market, and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (EDF) and so on. He played the key role to establish Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Daffodil International University (DIU). He also made a major contribution to the first edition of “Get in the Ring”, a Global Business Plan Competition, in Bangladesh hosted by DIU. Dr. Nuruzzaman is working to strengthen industry academia relationship by developing skilled human resources through education, training and research, for reducing gap between Industry-academia perspectives. He built many successful partnerships between academia and industries throughout his career. Another factor he tried to set is to support govt initiative or brought ideas/initiative into reality and proposed govt to support the initiative under private-public partnership model.

He has been dealing with decision making, directing staffs, managing & controlling all SBUs of Daffodil Family, leading promotional & development activities, recruiting and job placement, moderating local and international liaison, delivering lecture as the keynote in different local and international events, apart from his leading role as the CEO, Daffodil Family. He has been with Daffodil Family since its inception and playing very crucial role in its gradual but certain growth. Professionalism, visionary forecasting, decision making, strategic development, revenue focus, profit generation, policy formulation, and positive direction. Dr. Nuruzzaman has proved his calibre, efficiency and dynamic leadership to visualize the dream of the top management, and to fulfil it.

Being a sound and technology friendly personality, Dr. Nuruzzaman initiated Bangladeshi chapter of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), the leading Certifying Software Qualification Testers Worldwide, in Bangladesh. He contributed spreading quality assurance of software industry at home and in abroad under his personal intervention and using platform of different organizational entities. He is now the Bangladesh Representative of ISTQB ( and Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi) Foundation (

To harness his self-development continuously, he attended many professional training, workshops, tutorials conferences and symposiums, nationally and internationally. He visited as many as 40 countries in 5 continents.

Dr. Nuruzzaman has also been continuously developing many leaders who are able to lead any organization professionally. His role in developing many successful intrapreneurs (employee- entrepreneur) among the organizations is noteworthy. He has also develop a few social leaders in different part of the country including Meghna Upazila. He is known as the icon of the youths of Meghna Upazila.

He obtained Professional Memberships from British Computer Society, Bangladesh Statistical Samity, Founder & President of Bangladesh Software Testing Qualifications Board (BSTB), and Bangladesh Representative to International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and TMMi, among others. He is one of the Founders of Bangladesh Association of MIS Professionals.

Dr. Nuruzzaman involved himself with many social activities other than his professional career. He is the Founder and President of Fulkuri Shongho, Founder and General Secretary of Uttaran Society, Founder and President of AFFORD, Founder and Vice President, ALIGHT & Founder and General Secretary of Meghna Upazila Samity, Chief Advisor of “Amra Meghnabashi” and Founder and Chairman of “Medha Lalon Circle” and many more.
He firmly believes on one of his own thoughts “the ultimate identity of a human being is after his death”. His every works and activities are revolve on the thoughts he believes.

During his long 25 years career the best achievement was the trust and respect from the industry, organizations, leaders that he created. Many of the students are working in different leading organizations at home and abroad who are branding Bangladesh internationally in every possible way. About 15000 Alumnus are in abroad and emotionally connected with Daffodil. The Alumnus are the best community he is engaged with and they spread over in different countries and leading organization like UN, SAP, ………………………. They can be the ambassador of his any effort.

Secondly, he is leading Daffodil in the direction of such a magnificent leader, Mr. Md Sabur Khan who is now very much prominent internationally and designated to represent Bangladesh in some international organizations. This is also another the strength of him to promote Bangladesh internationally.

Thirdly, Daffodil has strong presence in many countries like Malaysia, Dubai, Nepal, UK, USA and in some other countries. These are the countries where we have lot of business scopes and can promote the countries without giving any extra effort and preparation. These set up will work for BASIS mission.

Besides, Daffodil is linked up with many international organizations and they will also promote any mission.


  • To take BASIS in International arena and set up office worldwide
  • To promote local software and talents in International arena
  • To work for human resource development

“Bangladesh will win the world, we have the potentiality and talents. My dream is to bring Bangladesh to its deserved position. I will devote my knowledge, skills, experience, the achievements to serve the country