Automation Testing is fast becoming a great solution to keep pace with Agile software development. Agile’s rapid iteration cycles yield significant benefits but also place pressure on software product engineering teams to address how to assure quality, without slowing down development. Aligning testing with overall development can be one way to solve that problem. However, testing engineers still need to determine how to gather test data and feedback quickly enough to stay on track with release cycle timeframes. By utilizing advanced automation testing strategies, developers can get the actionable insights they need in time to improve product code, and minimize the risk of release failure. But knowing when and how to apply automation testing is also crucial and relies on sound judgment. Leading companies leverage DSL’s extensive and deep experience in Agile and automated testing to decrease product defects and drive higher returns on their product development efforts.

Platforms & Tools

  • Web – Rational Robot Framework, Selenium, Visual Studio, MS-TFS, HP QuickTest, Professional (Mercury), and others.
  • Desktop – Qaliber and others.
  • Mobile – Test Droid (Android), MonkeyTalk, IOS, Android, HTML5 and others.

Why DSL?

  • Agile QA – automation testing coupled with manual testing to align with agile. We also offer traditional software QA & Testing as a standalone offering.
  • Testing engineers with a Developer Mindset – DSL’s testing engineers have often been developers so they bring that perspective to testing. That helps them determine where Automation testing makes the best sense and how to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Comprehensive Test Automation tools -- Access to, and expertise in, a wide array of open source and proprietary testing tools.
  • Ease of doing business – Shared time zones makes it easy for you to collaborate with your extended team.